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About us:

Our unifying vision, the idea that helps to focus all our activities, is:


“The community of [STREAM] participants will be able to see their world anew as a place in which their gifts and faith perspectives contribute to transforming the world for good.”


At STREAM, we will become a community together. In order to create brave space to be our genuine selves and explore our real questions, we will create covenants that will guide the ways we relate to each other. In all that we do, an awareness of the sacred worth of each beloved child of God is the starting point. Each of us has a unique story of the life we have experienced to this point. We each bring our own perspectives and opinions. We are all somewhere on a faith journey, and there are many ways faithful people live their faith. As we gather for these seven days of STREAM, we know God will be present with us. Our task is to listen for God, to look for God, and to be God’s hands and feet for each other and our world.

Scholar Application

Resident Mentor Application


Summer Reflection: 

The Voice of the Genuine

 by Makala Crawford

            During our time together at STREAM, we met almost every day in covenant groups, or groups with designated people. We would talk about certain topics that related to the theme of the day. One of those topics was the Voice of the Genuine. That was one of my favorite topics.

            The voice of the genuine is inside of us.  The genuine can be a number of things, including dreams that keep us going, our calling in life, gifts given to us by God, God, or all of the above. There is no right or wrong answer to what exactly is the sound of the genuine in your life. However, it is there for a reason. So many times, we are caught up with day-to-day life, stressors, responsibilities, or all, that we forget that the voice of the genuine is even inside of us. I learned that is important to sometimes stop and listen to that sound that resonates in your soul. For doing so may just bring you a plight of happiness, and answers that you may have been searching for.  

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Richmond, VA 23220

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